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Reno, NV 89509
United States

We started on Maui, the Valley Isle, bringing the aloha spirit of harmony between people and nature into our women's clothing made for beach, town, and travels near and far. Feel the difference of heritage textiles, natural materials, and exotic touch of far-off destinations.


Conscious Clothing

Amy DeCew

Iao Valley, Maui, Hawaii

Iao Valley, Maui, Hawaii

The Earth is a magnificent place and certainly our home island, Maui, is a perfect example.  Between bicycling down the crater of Haleakala and surfing, swimming, and snorkeling in the many pristine beaches off the coast, you can see why we love our amazing planet so much.  This is why we are determined to make sure that we minimize further damage to this incredible environment and participate in solutions to reduce impact and live respectfully on the earth. After all, it’s provided us with sustenance, inspiration, and has been our home since the beginning of time. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean that we find transitions easy in an industrialized world and the new mode of business is involved in finding ways to make our lifestyles compatible with environmental efforts. Rather than giving up our interests, we’re seeking ways to make them more planet-friendly, and for us, that’s making fashion with an ecological mind.

During recent years, more of us are becoming concerned with what we put in our bodies, but now it’s time to start paying closer attention to what we are putting on our bodies, too. Lily of Valley Isle is founded on the premise of creating chic, versatile clothing of exceptional fit and quality, while taking care at each stage of the production process to minimize damage to our precious environment. We use fabrics made with organic cotton and low-impact dyes, utilizing renewable resources like coconut and shell buttons. We are committed to creating products that are environmentally conscious while not compromising on style, fit, and attention to detail that makes clothing worth wearing for years to come.