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Reno, NV 89509
United States

We started on Maui, the Valley Isle, bringing the aloha spirit of harmony between people and nature into our women's clothing made for beach, town, and travels near and far. Feel the difference of heritage textiles, natural materials, and exotic touch of far-off destinations.


Modeling Fair Trade: Celebrating Diversity

Amy DeCew

Modeling fair trade for the Lily of Valley Isle fashion show

Modeling fair trade for the Lily of Valley Isle fashion show

October is Fair Trade Month, and we kicked it off with a fashion show where we shared some of our reasons for choosing to work with fair trade facilities to make our clothing brand. All month long, we'll be posting news on the fabrics, prints, dyes, techniques, and cultural history that fair trade brings to the fashion equation.

With the movement toward living wages, improved working conditions, and greater environmental responsibility, fair trade organizations are an international effort that include items from coffee to khadi cloth. The diversity of products, countries, and craftspeople reflects a growing global consciousness toward values as a fundamental part of good business, whatever country you're in, and whichever country you're from. 

To represent that global reach, we chose models with their own diverse multicultural backgrounds, working hard at their educational and career endeavors. Fair trade principles include a community spirit and empowered participation, and we're excited to work with women who bring that to the brand.