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Reno, NV 89509
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We started on Maui, the Valley Isle, bringing the aloha spirit of harmony between people and nature into our women's clothing made for beach, town, and travels near and far. Feel the difference of heritage textiles, natural materials, and exotic touch of far-off destinations.


Downsizing, Tiny Homes, and Clutter-Free Living

Amy DeCew

One of the most consistent desires expressed in the general zeitgeist of lifestyle discussions is the dream to live the life you want. In an economy that is still recovering, with debates over healthcare, taxation, foreign policy, and how much we can come together as a nation, the dreams we had as individuals, dreams that began in a different context and seem battered by recent events, can seem far away at best. "Impossible and crazy to work for because it's never going to happen" is a characterization that gives an appearance of common sense and clear-eyed knowledge. But there are people changing the game, and entire communities spread across the country, united in their push to actively participate in what matters most to them.

What does any of this have to do with fashion? Well, sustainable fashion comes from a less-is-more, do-unto-others approach that brings a holistic focus not only to how things are made, but how they're used, how much they're used, and how they are discarded. It's the reduce-reuse-recycle lifestyle applied to business, looking for maximum value, maximum values, and a relationship with makers and customers that is more personalized. It's this relationship that's put us in touch with the Tiny House movement, the downsizing crowd, the capsule wardrobe wearers: all those folks who want their stuff to serve them, and serve the larger purpose of getting out there and really living, being, and doing, rather than keeping up with the Joneses and accumulating.

What starts with a quest to organize and clear a closet often expands to a lifestyle change of clutter-clearing, minimizing, and deeply examining where someone wants their time, energy, and money to go. So we're sharing some amazing resources for a well-rounded and informed approach.

Tiny Home adventurer and author Jenn Baxter has a great blog and additional class sessions on healthy eating, toxin-free households, and living space organization. You can find her at her F.A.S.T. (fabulous, abundant, simple, tiny) website, sharing tips and her own story of radical and empowering lifestyle change.

Stylist Kathleen Audet is one of our favorite go-to brains in Reno for all things fashion. With clients across the U.S., Kathleen takes a larger look at what it means to represent yourself physically in a society that puts so much meaning into appearance, and how your wardrobe can more accurately reflect who you truly are and what you want to achieve on a personal and professional level. But it doesn't focus on your size, it isn't a cookie-cutter formula, and it starts with what moves your heart!

If you haven't heard of her already, Marie Kondo has become an international sensation on the joy of clearing and de-cluttering. With a system that starts with the internal voice we so often ignore, she's bringing a philosophy that comes from the heart to give your head a rest in the seemingly endless but truly achievable task of owning only what matters for your unique life.

Inspiration comes in many forms, from many people, and at a time when real change can seem like a luxury, learning from those who live it can get you going on the meanings you've been wanting to create. Where is your next destination, inside and out?