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We started on Maui, the Valley Isle, bringing the aloha spirit of harmony between people and nature into our women's clothing made for beach, town, and travels near and far. Feel the difference of heritage textiles, natural materials, and exotic touch of far-off destinations.


Legal options for us "preexisting conditions"?

Amy DeCew

From our designer, whose days may be numbered:

I would like to examine several possibilities for suing and/or prosecuting either the individual members who voted for this legislation, and, if this passes the Senate, the Federal government. I'm seeking help and advice from everyone I know.

My thinking is as follows: if we have state and Federal anti-discrimination protections in place for groups of people who historically were and still currently are often denied the same rights as other citizens, eg minorities, LGBTQ, on things like real estate transactions, why should we allow active and purposeful discrimination against certain populations of people in our healthcare system?

I realize the state levels of discrimination protection vary, and at a Federal level we are facing the very real possibility of treating different groups of people in a different way, often based on how they were born. We claim as a nation we don't believe in denying people their rights for the color of their skin, but we are now on the verge of enacting legislation that denies people their rights if they were born with certain types of birth defects, for example. So the color of my skin is okay, but my heart defects place me in the category of being a second-class citizen. That's the United States my grandfathers served in WWII for?

Beyond the discrimination angle, what this, and several other pieces of recent legislation cause me to question is the possibility of viewing some of this from the angle of being hate crimes. Intentionally causing peoples' deaths on the basis of their societal grouping sounds like a hate crime to me.

This isn't just about paying more. It's about making care so expensive that targeted groups of people in our population cannot have care any longer because it will destroy their and their families' lives for them to get care. After several worthless decades of futile effort in this hypocritical and destructive country, I accept that I am the walking dead to 99.9% of people who don't know me. Since I am facing the possibility that I will not be able to protect my life if I am excluded from healthcare resources, and that middle-aged women with health issues are never at the top of anyone's hiring list, my choice is to protect my money, which I can pass on to other people who have more of a chance than I do. That could now be the choice for many, many more millions of people than myself.

I don't know the legal ins and outs well enough to know whether there is a case to be had from either of these perspectives, but I'm interested in contacting legal experts to find out.

You idiot politicians, you giant corporations, you callous conservatives have pissed someone off who has survived every single way you've tried to destroy her. From the Agent Orange you dumped on my father in Vietnam prior to my conception to the myriad of healthcare exclusions and costs you've tortured me and my entire family with for decades on end to the ways you always find to exclude people with health issues from gainful employment, know this: I'm still here. You can't kill all of us, no matter how hard you try. Enough of us will survive to come after you in every legal and financial way possible, so that your lives, your jobs, and your families are put at risk in the same exact way you are trying to force onto millions of people who did nothing more than commit the apparent crime of being born in this country, during this era. Because you cannot put yourself in someone else's shoes, we must now make you wear ours.

Healthcare rights are human rights.